Turkey Tail

Explore the immense health benefits of Turkey Tail mushrooms, featured in our dedicated selection. Renowned for their immune-boosting properties, our Turkey Tail supplements are available both as pure extracts and within complex blends that enhance their efficacy. This versatile mushroom is celebrated for supporting robust immune function and promoting gut health. Our range of Turkey Tail products is crafted to deliver these powerful natural benefits in forms that best suit your lifestyle and health goals. Whether you choose standalone Turkey Tail or prefer our multifunctional mushroom complexes, each supplement is designed to support your wellness journey.

  • Mushroom Capsules

    The Shroom Shop Protect Mushroom Complex Capsules

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    • Boosts Immunity: Strengthens natural defenses against illness.
    • Detoxifies and Fights Free Radicals: Protects against oxidative stress with potent antioxidants.
    • Reduces Stress: Helps regulate immune response and supports recovery.
    • Contains 90 x 750mg capsules.
    • Offers a 1-month supply with 3 capsules taken daily.
    • Vegan-friendly formula designed for immune support and detoxification.
  • Health

    The Shroom Shop Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsule Supplements

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    • Immune System Enhancement: Boosts immune defenses with high antioxidant levels.
    • Supports Gut Health: Promotes a healthy digestive system with natural prebiotics.
    • Increases Energy and Vitality: Enhances stamina and athletic performance.
    • Includes 90 x 500mg capsules.
    • Offers a 1-month supply with 3 capsules recommended daily.
    • Contains pure Turkey Tail mushroom extract in vegan-friendly capsules.
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