Discover the delicate yet potent Enoki mushroom, renowned for its unique texture and profound health benefits. Our Enoki collection features both pure capsules and complex blends that enhance its natural properties. Known for supporting immune function, reducing cholesterol, and promoting heart health, Enoki mushrooms are an excellent addition to any wellness routine. Our products are designed to make the benefits of Enoki accessible and effective, whether you choose standalone supplements or our carefully formulated complexes. Explore our range to integrate the power of Enoki into your daily health regimen.

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    The Shroom Shop Enoki Mushroom Capsule Supplements

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      • Heart Health Enhancer: Supports cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.
      • Cognitive Boost: Enhances brain function and protects against cognitive decline.
      • Immune System Regulation: Strengthens immune defences with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
      • Contains 90 x 500mg capsules.
      • One month’s supply, with a recommended dose of 3 capsules daily.
      • Pure Enoki Mushroom extract in a vegan-friendly capsule.
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